Here Are Nearly L Ways to Bring Up Race and Politics at Super Bowl 50

Foul and Fair wants to help you be *that* guy at the party. Or female. I mean woman. Scratch that, fan! Who bring their intellectual smack game to the huddle on Sunday. And we’re here to help. ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, they have your back if want to predict how the Broncos’ D will silence Cam and the Panthers. Deadspin, they gotchu if you wanna mock your opponents’ trashed fans. But c’mon, have a real conversation. Cut your fellow fans where it really hurts.

      I.        Hey friends, Beyonce totally culturally appropriated during the halftime show!

     II.        Or maybe not!

    III.        Buzzfeed’s Lindsey Adler found out that Cam Newton can do anything, including freestyle.

    IV.        San Francisco: Come for the Super Bowl, stay for the burri - hey! pay no mind to the homeless people we’re hiding!

     V.        (The homeless aren’t hiding anymore.)

    VI.        In which someone F&F just interviewed gives his take on Cam.

   VII.        Pay your tithes, so your [clergy leader of choice] can attend the Big Game.

  VIII.        Mash-Up America talks #SuperBowlCommercialsSoWhite.

    IX.        The last four Super Bowls have had a black quarterback. Name them all. (No links. No cheating.)


     X.        Peyton Manning and white privilege: Take I.

    XI.        Peyton Manning and white privilege: Take 2. (Damn, Zirin!)

   XII.        Peyton Manning and white privilege: A legit Google search term.

  XIII.        What Cam Newton taught the Carolinas about white privilege.

 XIV.        Remember that Coca Cola commercial?

  XV.        Cam Newton is making it socially unacceptable to be racist online.

 XVI.        The Super Bowl totally benefited from the Civil Rights fight.

XVII.        Here is a story of a man who wrote a book about Detroit because of a Super Bowl commercial.

XVIII.        Cam’s story starts here: Tony Dungy remembers when it was a stretch to think about an African American NFL coach.

 XIX.        Double standard of Cam’s joy

  XX.        Turn off Beyonce, it’s time for a sociology lesson!

 XXI.        Unless you prefer Beyonce with a side of social psychology.

XXII.       If you'd rather watch commercials (or Key and Peele).

XXIII.        This article is an annual tradition and that should make you angry.


XXIV.        Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Cam Newton, the perfect (southern) gentleman.

XXV.        Don’t let anyone convince you that Ron Rivera would be the first Latino coach to win the Super Bowl.

XXVI.        But Lovie Smith was definitely the first African American coach to lose one.

XXVII.        Speak out against sexist Super Bowl commercials through these three hashtags: #3percentsb #MediaWeLike #NotBuyingIt

XXVIII.        Sometimes people get together to block a bridge to speak out against police brutality. Sometimes people get together to burn cars because their team lost.

XXIX.        When the Bay Area last hosted the Super Bowl, a single ticket cost $60.

XXX.        The game is actually in Santa Clara.

XXXI.        And people are mad.

XXXII.       Because it’s basically gentrification.

XXXIII.        Rightfully so! Not even the cookies—or Girl Scouts—are safe.

XXXIV.        Tell everyone what the city is doing is “Uber” messed up.


XXXV.        Your handy criminal justice guide to the Super Bowl.

XXXVI.        How to think like an advertiser when watching all those crafty commercials.

XXXVII.        Cam is a black QB, and we should continue talking about it.

XXXVIII.        In case you asked: Super Bowl > Oscar, any day (says Michael Oher)

XXXIX.        Time for an honest conversation about how violent last year’s Patriot’s win (ugh gross) really was.

  XL.        A respectable publication analyzes the legacy of #NippleGate.

 XLI.        The Super Bowl party you throw has a lot in common with the Sunday service you’ll skip.

XLII.        This is a drone-free telecast.

XLIII.        We need an Asian Cam.

XLIV.        San Francisco paid $5.3 million to throw a party for a game it’s not even hosting.

XLV.        Buzzfeed started making Super Bowl ads for bands.

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